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Projects Summary

Crime Detection and Analysis                                 (Supervisor: Dr. Pritee Khanna new windowIIITDM, Jabalpur new window)
  • Crime Analysis based on previous records of crimes and criminals
  • Crime frequency distribution on a digital map, depending upon vairous requirments and specifications
  • Extraction of Crime patterns and prediction of crime, based on the existing data and various linkages among various datasets
Technology: Java, JSP/Java Servlets, IBM DB2 UDB, WAS/WSAD/RAD                            Duration: 1 year
Leaded the team of 3 members

Guided Vehicle                               
(Autumn 2007, Supervisor: Prof. Puneet Tandon 
new windowIIITDM, Jabalpur new window)
  • Designed and implemented a robotic car, which follows the specified path inputed through the computer. Utilizing two stepper motors for its motion.
  • ATMEGA8 Micro-controller was programmed to get the inputs and process accordingly to deirect the motors, to achive the purpose of motion of car on a desired path
Software Used: WinAVR, Ponyprog                                                                                       
Duration: 4 Months

Leaded the team of 3 members

DHOOM, The Game                                (Spring 2007, Supervisor: Dr. Pritee Khanna new windowIIITDM Jabalpunew window)
Awarded the Best Video-game Award in the "3D Video-game Development Competition held at IIITDM Jabapur, Panel of Judges, Prof. Hiromasa Suzuki, Dr. Ohtake, The University of Tokyo)
  • A 3-Dimensional Racing game based on the story of a Hindi movie - DHOOM.
  • In the first person's view, the biker (player) moved around in various scenes in 4 different stages, with different AI and goals bestowing a true interactive gaming experience
Language Used: C++ and OpenGL API                                                                                  Duration: 4 months
Leaded the team of 4 members

Tiffin cum Thali                              (Automn 2006, Supervisor: Prof. Puneet Tandon new windowIIITDM Jabalpur new window)
  • A custom-made Box, closed unit will act like a Tiffin and opedned une it will act like a Traditional Thali (Plate for meals)
  • Provisions to keep the food hot using glass wool
  • The product was first designed using CATIA, keeping all the disign principles under consideration and finally design was fabricated
Software used: CATIA & Solidworks                                                                                      Duration: 4 months
Leaded the team of 3 members

Gatrack                                                   (Spring 2006, Supervisor: Prof. Aparajita Ojha new windowIIITDM Jabalpur new window)
  • A small tool for the analysis of Logic gates and their behavior
  • Verification of some basic laws of Boolean Algebra
  • Digital signal processing for basic operations
  • 8-bit Interactive full adder simulation
Language Used: C/C++                                                                                                            Duration: 4 Months
Leaded the team of 3 members

Simulated Nitpick Box                          (Automn 2005, Guide: Prof. Puneet Tandon new windowIIITDM Jabalpur new window)
  • Nitpick box acts as a strong chain which binds all the public departments, which can be then easily accessible for the general community.
  • A compete "Simulated Comment Box"
  • Submission of Complains/ Comments under one system and piling up the comments in the database
Language Used: C                                                                                                                      Duration: 4 months
Individual Project

Take It Easy, Education through IT                                      (2003, Supervisor: Mr. Marakandeyulu Suri)
(Awarded the First price in Regional Level and qualified for KVS National Level Science Exhibition, Jawaharlal Nehru Science Exhibition -2003)
  • Math Edition: It incorporated almost all the basic calculations of high school quadratic Equation. This tool provided step-by-step detailed solution of specified problems to illustration to the students in a better way.
  • Physics Edition: This modules deals with the illustrative and interactive explanation of Color Codes of Resisters. It provides a drag-and-drop interactive environment so that students can memorize easily. It also includes a quiz with randomly generated questions (from the 20000 permutations) to assure the understandings

Language Used: Visual Basic 6.0                                                                                             Duration: 6 months

Individual Project

Voice Commanded Security System                                                (2002, GuideMr. Markandeyulu Suri)
(Qualified for Regional level, Jawaharlal Nehru Science Exhibition - 2002)
  • Concept of Security System using human voice
  • Using a third party voice recognition software, this concept was elaborated that a highly impregnable security system can be implemented using voice as a weapon.

Language Used: Visual Basic 6.0                                                                                             Duration: 6 months

Individual Project