FE mesh generation & mesh Simplification

(Oct’ 10 - Mar’ 11 as Research Student, Supervisor: Prof. Hiromasa SUZUKI, University of TOKYO)

Finite Element Meshes are very impotent for analysis purposes and simulations. For good analysis results with industrial standards, the need of good FE meshes is high. Automation of the process of generation of Finite Element Meshes do not give considerably good meshes, and usually require manual operations. Our Idea is to utilize previously manually creates meshes for generation of new meshes

  • Generation of Finite Element Mesh using the database of previously stored manually created FE meshes
  • Simplification of Meshes, by optimally combining the parts with different levels of details as desired
    • Searching for Similar Parts, given one part to search in a database of 3D Models

Language Used: C++ with OpenGL API

Individual Project Duration: 6 months