Nitpick Box

(Automn 2005, Guide: Prof. Puneet Tandon, IIITDM Jabalpur )

Usually, all the Companies and government bodies have their individual Complain Departments, which handle all the complains and comments from the user. I proposed an idea of a centralized Comment box, which will do nothing but the maintenance of all these complains and comments in a centralized database and will forward the these to respective departments and Implemented an animated simulation to show the process

Following issues will be resolved

  • User needs to know only one contact information to complain about anything
  • Things can be reminded by the system automatically to the respective departments
  • Complain/Comment Logging will be standardized

In simple sentences,

  • Nitpick box acts as a strong chain which binds all the public departments, which can be then easily accessible for the general community.
  • A compete "Simulated Comment Box"
  • Submission of Complains/ Comments under one system and piling up the comments in the database

Language Used: C

Duration: 4 months

Individual Project