PCB Drilling Machine

This was an attempt to make very precise PCB drilling machine.

  • Two stepper motor with minimum step of 1.5 Degrees to give about 240 steps in one rotation, to control x and y direction to place the PCB in a desired position
  • Electromagnet to actuate the drill downwards, when the placement of PCB is done.
  • Programmed ATMEGA8 Micro-controller for the desired actuation of the motors
  • One one rotation of motor the slide skids around 2 mm. We can move the base on which the PCB will be placed with a with a distance of around 1/240 mm precisely

Technology Used: Micro-controller controlled Stepper motors with mechanism that alows highly precise motion

Duration: 4 months

Led a team of 3 members

Following model can explain the details, we fabricated the model to certain extent

The Base

The following Videos can explain the motion of the base for the PCB