FeasBox, Tiffin cum Thali (Automn 2006, Supervisor: Prof. Puneet Tandon

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, IIITDM Jabalpur )

  • A custom-made Box, closed unit will act like a Tiffin and opened une it will act like a Traditional Thali (Indian plate for meals)
  • Provisions to keep the food hot using glass wool
  • Air tight Containers using Rubber on the edges
  • The product was first designed using CATIA, keeping all the disign principles under consideration and finally design was fabricated

Software used: CATIA & Solidworks

Duration: 4 months

Led a team of 3 members

It all started with rough sketches keeping design constrains in mind, Following images are some of the sketches.

The next step was to model those designs in a 3D CAD software, We used CATIA to model our designs. The first design we proposed is shown below. It had a container for water also.

The previous design was somewhat unpleasing and we made it cylendrical and modeled the version 2, which is shown in the following images.

(a) Closed Unit, (b) Opened Unit (c) Exploded view

The above design was fulfilling our needs but the opened unit was not looking like a traditional meals plate (see (b))

We proposed the third design and we dropped the idea of water bottle, following is the abstract model.

Finally, we decided to make it more simpler and thinner, we finalied the following version.

(a) Closed Unit, (b) Opened slightly (c) Fully opened

The above finalized design was then fabricated using Gavanized Iron sheet. We used glass wool in the walls of the boxes to keep the food hot and used slider mechanism for the transition from Tiffin to Thali and Thali to Tiffin. (Click the below images to see the animation of the motion)

Here, I have included the pics of the final implementation

(a) Closed Unit, (b),(c),(d) Opened Unit