Take It Easy ! Education Through IT

(2003, Supervisor: Mr. Marakandeyulu Suri)

(Awarded the First price in Regional Level and qualified for KVS National Level Science Exhibition, Jawaharlal Nehru Science Exhibition -2003)

"Computers can play vital role in the Education System", wanted to let other know. I developed this project to let other know the How Computers and IT can greatly enhance the understanding and perception of an individual towards a particular subject? How children can learn the subject more efficiently at a higher pace?

The project consists of two sections,

  • Math Edition: It incorporated almost all the basic calculations of high school quadratic Equation. This tool provided step-by-step detailed solution of specified problems for the illustration in a better way.
  • Physics Edition: This modules deals with the illustrative and interactive explanation of Color Codes of Resisters. It provides a drag-and-drop interactive environment so that students can memorize easily. It also includes a quiz with randomly generated questions (from the 20000 permutations) to assure the understandings

Language Used: Visual Basic 5.0

Duration: 6 months


Following images are the snapshots of the projects.

Math Edition

Physics Edition